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Most Popular Articles

Article What are my mail settings?
Incoming Mail Server Type: POP3 Incoming mail (POP3):  or Incoming Requires encrypted connection: Yes or...
Views: 1522
Article Permission settings?
Any script that ends in .cgi or .pl in the cgi-bin folder should only be chmoded 755, do not chmod these files 777 as they will not work under that...
Views: 1467
Article Can I Use CGI Scripts?
Yes, our servers support Perl scripts. Other languages, such as C, require the script or application to be compiled on our system. If you need to...
Views: 1432
Article Where do I install my CGI SCripts?
When you log in via FTP, you will find a cgi-bin directory in your Root Path.Note, this is not the root path of your website. You should place your...
Views: 1366
Article Can I Install my own CGI Scripts?
Yes you can. You are free to install your own CGI scripts so long as they do not interferewith the general operation of the server, other users,...
Views: 1353


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