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Article AUP/Terms Policy
Legal AUP/Terms Of Use Our AUP  can be viewed at: Knight-Tro Soft's AUP Legal User Agreement
Views: 1166
Article Can I have more than one domain per account?
Yes. Depending on your account. there may be an additional charge per domain.
Views: 895
Article Can I host adult content on your site?
Adult content is prohibited per our Terms of Service.
Views: 922
Article Can I host mp3 or warez files?
Mp3 and warez files are prohibited per our Terms of Service.
Views: 1009
Article Can I use CGI?
Yes. Refer to the CGI section of the Knowledge Base for additional information
Views: 985
Article Do you offer a dedicated server?
Yes we do. We offer only managed dedicated servers.For more information, open a support ticket...
Views: 1151
Article Do you offer reseller services?
Yes we do. For additional information, Open a support ticket requesting additional information.
Views: 979
Article Do you provide Frontpage extensions?
Since Microsoft no longer provdes support, and they since End Of Lifed Frontpage on February 28,...
Views: 900
Article Do you support SSL?
Yes. We currently utilize Apache Mod-SSL. There is an additional fee for the SSL certificate, as...
Views: 797
Article Is shell access available?
Yes. Due to security restrictions, we require business verification.Secure Shell access is...
Views: 791
Article Is there a guarantee?
If you are unhappy with your service, you must cancel within the first 30 days. A full refund*...
Views: 731
Article Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy can be viewed at:Knight-Tro Soft's Privacy Policy
Views: 871
Article What hosting services do you provide?
Currently we provide the following services: ftp, http, https, PHP, Website...
Views: 822
Article What type of Payment do you accept?
Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and PayPal. Checks from Verified Business...
Views: 975
Article Where do I place my web pages?
You will use FTP to publish your site. Your site files should be placed into the httpdocs...
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