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Article Can I Install my own CGI Scripts?
Yes you can. You are free to install your own CGI scripts so long as they do not interferewith...
Views: 1354
Article Can I run CGI scripts from any Directory?
Not by default.. If you want to run a CGI script from a directory other than cgi-bin, you will...
Views: 1306
Article Can I Use CGI Scripts?
Yes, our servers support Perl scripts. Other languages, such as C, require the script or...
Views: 1432
Article I get an internal server error?
"Internal Server Error"- This does not necessarily mean that the server is misconfigured; in...
Views: 1037
Article Permission settings?
Any script that ends in .cgi or .pl in the cgi-bin folder should only be chmoded 755, do not...
Views: 1467
Article What is suexec, and how does it affect me?
Suexec, provides users the ability to run CGI and SSI programs under user IDs different from the...
Views: 1265
Article Where do I install my CGI SCripts?
When you log in via FTP, you will find a cgi-bin directory in your Root Path.Note, this is not...
Views: 1366
Article Why was my CGI script removed?
There may have been a problem with its operation. We only remove files that are causing a problem...
Views: 920


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